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MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Personal interview is the final and the most important stage of any MBA entrance test. Every interview is different but there are some general question which are asked by the interview panel to judge the candidate capabilities. Make an effort as the question is asked to you then how will you respond and what will be the best suitable answer.Simultaneously the Candidate must also focus on the Preparation of their group discussion.

Commonly asked mba interview questions and Answers

1) Why you decide to apply for this management institute?

Suggested answer : - to answer this question tell the interview panel that how the institute can help you in fulfilling your dream. Explain that the educational and overall standard of the institute is matching up with your skills and abilities.

2) What are your expectation from MBA programmers ?

Suggested Answer :- a) To get the business management knowledge b) To improve my self confidence. c) Improve my skills in corporate and business industry.

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3) Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

Suggested Answer :- Using my resources and my learning to the flues. Either work in a good MNC or open my own venture. I want to apply my learning in my professional as well as my personnel life.

4) How can you define team work?

Suggested answer :- The best team is that here each member has predefined responsibilities and authorities. Every member f the team is willing to work on their own. The combined effort of all the team members must be contributed to team success.

5) What are your strength?

Suggested Answer :- Explain your actual strength in the field of academic subject, also explain that you believe in good manners and values. While answering this question you can explain any live story related to your life which can explain your strength.

6) What are your weaknesses?

Suggested Answer :- Everybody has some weaknesses therefore donít hesitate to tell your weaknesses to the interview panel. Also tell them that you are constantly trying to overcome your weaknesses.


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